14th July 2023

Burberry Winter 2023 Campaign

Scotland and Northern Ireland serve as the backdrops for the newly released images. By THE FALL

With the new Burberry winter 2023 campaign we see recently appointed creative director Daniel Lee and collaborating photographer Tyrone Lebon taking advantage of the rugged beauty of the British Isles to make a statement of future intent.  For the collection on display, Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland and the spectacular Isle of Skye in Scotland provide the coastal wilderness drama that frame the clothes and cast with intense creative dynamics.

To match these stark open landscapes, some models are shown enveloped in cosy-looking blankets in white and the House’s Knight Blue colour.  Others are wrapped up in contemporary versions of the classic trench – sometimes with gold chain detailing to the front or luxurious faux fur trims to the lapels.  There are even wool and cashmere sweaters, skirts and trousers rendered in ‘Paisley Park’-style purple, deep reds and subtle yellow checks to add joyful new spins on traditional codes.

Particular to the campaign is the liberal use of the symbol of Burberry’s new identity, the freshly revamped Equestrian Knight Design motif.  The logo appears in place of the brand name in alternate images of the series, and further reinforces the sense of evolution as the marketing push around Lee’s new vision gears up for 2024.

This all comes mere weeks after the release of the spring 2024 collection that also features more familiar takes on modern outerwear.  What’s becoming clear from the more we see of Lee’s Burberry is that we are about to witness the company break from Ricardo Tisci’s more conceptual approach to fashion and ‘rediscover’ it’s uniquely British aesthetic.  However, that aesthetic will now be re-developed, re-imagined and updated through a lens that perhaps only a Yorkshire-born designer like Lee could have.

Quirky little touches in the winter 2023 campaign like rose graphic prints, mallard duck patterns and a star-of-the-show farm cow in front of camera sets the stage for the welcome and irreverent English sensibilities we should now all be looking out for in the near future.


For more information on the Burberry winter 2023 campaign, click here

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