21st December 2020

Burberry and Marcus Rashford – Dedicated to Partnership

A new piece of artwork by Jazz Grant seals the relationship between Burberry and footballer Marcus Rashford. By Venetia Tyler

Marcus Rashford MBE, is one of the leading philanthropic public figures of 2020.  His touching influence on this country in getting school children fed during the public holidays has, undoubtedly, imprinted on the lives of many.  Within the fashion industry, his altruistic approach to the youth in Britain has been noticed particularly by the fashion house Burberry, who last month announced a new and exciting partnership with the England international footballer.  Together, Burberry and Marcus Rashford joined forces to provide free meals and support youth organisations located across the globe.

The house of Burberry is well-known for its celebration of creativity and community: founder Thomas Burberry established the house in 1856 and had a long record of contributing back to society throughout his life.  With this in mind, the fashion house has unveiled its most recent initiative as a tribute to Marcus Rashford’s dedication to the British youth.  The artist Jazz Grant created a unique mural overlaying Marcus Rashford’s childhood images as part of Burberry’s most recent campaign.

The new and forward-thinking artwork is located in Manchester’s Northern Quarter; selectively chosen ro mark Rashford’s hometown.  Jazz Grant explained the meaning behind the collaborative piece saying, “It was all about creating something uplifting, positive and dynamic with a sense of community and supporting the youth”.  The artwork, which has a powerful, socially-driven message, was shot by photographer Rafael Pavarotti who was provided with a selection of Rashford’s baby photos by his family.  Collaboratively, Burberry and Grant went through an archive of her previous work and agreed on some images they thought would be fitting.  The final stage of the collaborative process saw Grant creating a multitude of collages and then select the most appropriate to be part of the final piece.

This moving piece artwork is one of many Burberry’s long-standing commitments to the support of various communities.  Other initiatives include Burberry Inspire, part of their main foundation which aims to give young people a deep and varied experience of arts and culture.  Burberry’s long-term partnership with the Albert Kennedy Trust is another example of their contribution to social change and the targeting of disadvantaged communities.  Thomas Burberry’s philanthropic efforts were perhaps the pioneering force which has made Burberry renowned for its dedication to social movements that better serve communities today.  With their most recent piece on display and available to visit in Manchester, the collaboration undoubtedly depicts the significant life stages and milestones that Rashford has accomplished so far, and profoundly symbolises how one individual can act as a beacon of social mobility, hope, and change, across Britain.


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