4th June 2020

Back to School – DSQUARED2 Pre-Fall 2020

Dean and Dan manage to take the pain out of going back to school this autumn

There’s always a bit of sadness when any summer finally draws to a close for another year.  Perhaps it will be even more pronounced this year; the year of the history-making, 100-year pandemic.  However, DSQUARED2 have a new pre-fall collection coming that will definitely soften that blow, with a call back to happier times when your biggest concerns after the summer were who were going to sit next in History class and whether you’ll have a crush on them.  For Dean and Dan Catenacci, the creative forces of nature at the heart of DSQUARED2, this collection is all about maximising your chances with your schoolgirl or schoolboy crushes, with outfits that will make a scene on the ‘playground’ long before you do.

The collegiate preppy look gets a modern, urban makeover that not only brings it right up to date but also takes it forward into the future.  Familiarity is twisted at the edges and layered with new ideas to present something oddly comforting while being entirely new and exciting at the same time.  Denim, of course, plays a huge part in the collection.  The worn and sometimes deconstructed jeans are super-soft with ultra-modern techniques used to get different ‘washes’ – like the ‘diamond wash’ that coats the denim in mini crystals.

No preppy look is complete with the college and school insignias and mottos and the same is true here; adorning coats, over-sized patch pockets, belts, hats, scarves – somebody will be asking you where DSQUARED2 College is at some point, guaranteed.  Although, mottos like ‘God Save the Queens’ might make them double-take first.  Of course, what makes a preppy look really work is the tailoring that complements it and D&D doesn’t disappoint here either – clean, simple, sharp and subtle.  The jackets, suits, trousers and even the shorts are all designed to accommodate various combinations of knitwear, sportswear and casualwear with ease, like pieces to a very pretty jigsaw puzzle.  Strong school-team colours are the visual cues that hold the  whole collection together.  Colour blocking brings each outfit to life while never over-powering the intended overall impact.  Even when we head to the more formalwear end of the collection, where blacks and deep blues begins to dominate, it’s the beautiful tailoring and the silhouettes they draw that come to the fore to earn the top marks.

If it’s your intention to make like Corny Collins and the rest of the Nicest Kids in Town this autumn, DSQUARED2’s pre-fall collection might just be the uniform you have been waiting for.


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