24th August 2023

Alexander McQueen Womenswear AW23 Campaign

The British fashion House drops a star-laden new campaign. By THE FALL

There are many reasons to enjoy fashion.  One of them most certainly is following the creative eye of Sarah Burton on her journey at Britain’s sharpest fashion House.  With the release of the new Alexander McQueen Womenswear AW23 campaign, we find that edge finely honed in a series of dazzling images featuring some of the biggest names in fashion and culture.

Shot by legendary fashion photographer David Sims, Naomi Campbell, Elle Fanning, Liu Wen, Eva Green, Yseult, Eliott De Smedt Day, Karolina Spakowski and Momo Ndiaye each give us their own interpretations of the coming seasons looks.  And of course, when it’s McQueen, the clean tailored lines were always going to be the cornerstones everything else was built on.

Dr. Naomi in a corseted bodysuit leading to tailored bootcut trousers represents one approach.  Fanning and Green bring variations of the masculine double-breasted suit; both sporting black ties and sharp exaggerated shoulders, but one patterned in oversized chalk-striping, and the other mat black.  By contrast, De Smedt Day and Momo Ndiaye reverse the dynamic in tailoring that incorporates distinctly more feminine dimensions.

Lui Wen’s slender waist emphasises the dramatic shape of her spectacular belted, purple leather coat.  Besides the purple, red is the only other colour seen in the campaign – with Spakowski’s futurist’s ribbed dress and Yseult’s gorgeous leather gown and bag.  A touch of glamour is also added to the story by way of the sleek dresses worn by Naomi, Fanning and Green.

With the summer almost (technically) over and everyone now looking ahead to the event season, the new McQueen campaign gives us the perfect opportunity to pick our favourite looks for when the flash bulbs start popping.


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