14th October 2022

adidas Originals – made Originals Celebration

Charlotte Lewis discovers the made Originals launch

As one of the world’s leading sportswear brands, adidas is no stranger to trendsetting.  This was made clear at its 2023 Originals launch which honoured the complex communities and subcultures that surround the trademark.

The celebration took place over two days, from Friday 30th September to Saturday 1st October, and featured performances from SLOWTHAI, Che Lingo and GirlsdontSync.  Aptly hosted in the subterranean Ambika P3, the event was a representation of street culture, the underground and London life.  Split into three zones; The Park, The Tunnel and The Core, the space notably reflected the famous three stripe branding iconic to the company.

As a tribute to the adidas roots, ‘The Park’ area allowed attendees to “skate, play and create”.  Designed by British artist, fashion designer and iconic skater, Blondey, the zone included ramps that imitated adidas Originals’ shoeboxes, and street art plastered all over the walls.  There was also the addition of a green zone highlighting the famous Stan Smith shoe (in which attendees could get their own customised) and adidas’ links to tennis.

‘The Tunnel’ took us through the journey of adidas Originals with a physical archive of the brand.  Here we saw the iconic Trefoil motif and its passage throughout the years as an enduring symbol of creativity and innovation.  ‘The Core’ was a fast-paced party of technology and innovation, with opportunities for gaming and live music.  Vintage-style shirts could also be customised, paying homage to adidas’ interlinked legacy with football around the world.

The 2023 launch channelled the fusion between heritage and technology, and the contemporary and the traditional.  Lines between reality and virtual reality were merged in personal 3D scan experiences on entry to the event.  Users were then sent a realistic personal avatar on their phone, where they could experience performances within the Metaverse.

The whole event showcased the importance of adidas and its influence on culture over the last 50 years.  As well as becoming one of the first brands to develop shopping experiences through TikTok livestream, adidas demonstrated once again that it will always remain ahead of the curve.


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