23rd October 2023

Swarovski Celebrate Wonder

Giovanna Engelbert celebrates the upcoming festive season. By THE FALL

It’s normally at around this time of the year that the festive season really begins in earnest and the social dairies start to fill up.  As the nights get longer and the climate gets crisper, glamorous parties and events (red carpet and otherwise) inevitably figure more and more into our daily fashion calculations.  It’s a good job then that Swarowski recently released their winter campaign for new ideas on how to perfectly accessorise our outfits for the bright lights and popping flashbulbs this winter.

Celebrate Wonder sees creative director Giovanna Engelbert once again team up with fashion photographer extraordinaire Steven Meisel and world-renowned make-up artist Dame Pat McGrath for a spectacular new story.  “Our holiday campaign is a celebration of the infinite possibility of self-expression and creativity in the way that only Swarovski can bring,” confirms Englebert.

Standing for individuality, empowerment, experimentation and, of course, unconstrained glamour, the series of images reveal a world of joyful extravagance and attainable fantasies to us.  Building on the Metamorphosis series from earlier in the year, Engelbert’s winter 2023 season revolves around five distinctive personalities inspired by designs from the famed Austrian jewellery House:

Blue Gema features shining blue and clear crystals framed in a dreamy light; Mesmera Stardust are the bold, hypnotic designs made for after dark; Matrix Supernova is billed as ‘tough and edgy’ clear crystals with a magnetic beauty; Punk Luna comes with moon-inspired mystical energies to light up the night; and Hyperbola Nebula’s green crystals vibrate with the dynamism of their interwoven strands.

“My vision cantered around the idea of women, all with distinct looks and personalities, transforming into the jewellery pieces they are wearing,” Engelbert continues.  “Together with Steven and Pat, we have created magic in a series of images that capture the festive glamour and wonder of the holiday season.”  Which leaves only one question: what event will you wear them to next and be the person you want to be?


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