10th September 2020

Sustainable pt X – Stellawear by Stella McCartney

Stella is not prepared to let the summer go just yet

Summer may ‘officially’ be over for most of us but, if the past is anything to go by, we still have an Indian Summer to look forward to before we get to shivering in the cold.  Or maybe you’re lucky enough to live in (or are travelling to) the Southern hemisphere and the summer is still something for you to look forward to.  Whatever the case may be, the new Stellawear by Stella McCartney hybrid capsule collection has just launched today with all you lucky people specifically in mind.  The swimwear and lingerie collection trades on the two things that epitomise McCartney – amazing designs and true wearability, with the ever-present sustainability component there as the bonus to keep your conscience feeling comfortable.

The collection is made up of a number of interchangeable and reversible pieces that can be worn as swimwear, as lingerie or as separates under normal daywear.  There’s something to be said for that kind of versatility when it comes to fashion and modern living – especially these days.   Going straight from the beach to lunch, or out shopping with friends, without the ubiquitous pitstop in between has got to be almost as attractive a prospect as the collection itself.

The ‘perforated’ style of each piece in the collection lends itself to the hotter climes where keeping cool throughout the day is the priority.  And with a colour palette of solid browns, blacks and pinks you’ll always be guaranteed to be able to slip into the evening with little fanfare.  Of course, one of the reasons why we love Stella so much is because the sustainability aspect has never been the main selling point of her collections – it’s just the basis on which she designs them.  First and foremost is always the design.  Yet how could you not love that these pieces are made from AQUAFIL sustainable yarn, Eco-Smart fibre and ECONYL yarn?  Then throw in price points of £250 and under and ask yourself, ‘why haven’t I picked up a few pieces yet’?


Stellawear by Stella McCartney is available in-store and online from today.  Click here for more information.

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