29th May 2020

Summer in the City – An Illustration

THE FALL looks at ten of the best designer outfits to match London in the summer and works with Illustrator Faustine Aper-Nitche to create a unique illustrated fashion shoot to celebrate a renewed London

Much has been discussed over the past few months about how the world will look after the eventual end of the current 100-year Coronavirus pandemic.  Fashion is struggling with those questions right now.  Despite being such a ‘showy’ creative industry it shouldn’t be forgotten just how much fashion contributes to GDPs of all the world’s most powerful economies in terms of jobs and consumer sales.  Two-plus months of an enforced global shutdown is bound to make the industry feel concerned and maybe even a little nervous about an as-yet-undetermined future landscape.

Yet, it is likely to be the most creative among us who most easily respond to the challenges to lead the way and inspire others.  Fashion, as a cultural barometer, has the power to be one of those drivers of positive change.  Beyond pretty clothes and sometimes eccentric designers, it has been, and always will be, the catalyst for change as well as a mirror of reflection.  And in times of unprecedented upheaval sometimes just experiencing the art and creativity of it all can stop the world spinning out of control for an hour or two.

So, as we all start to re-emerge from this weird hibernation, THE FALL wants to celebrate not just ‘fashion’ but also the idea of fashion.  We pick out ten summer outfits from ten fashion houses that represents what we hope our home city of London will look like (advice permitting) over the coming summer:

Giorgio Armani and Saint Laurent

Giorgio Armani SS2020

Saint Laurent SS2020

When we’re able to all safely socialise together again it’s just inevitable the bars, restaurants and clubs will be the favoured hotspots during the summer months.  So, go from evening to night with these high-waisted trouser looks that add a touch of ‘Disco glam’ to your adventures without being full on event looks that might get uncomfortable at the after-party.

Fendi and Stella McCartney

Fendi SS2020

Stella McCartney SS2020

For the summer in a busy city like London the mixing together of nude colours and loose fabrics serves two purposes.  First, those beautiful fabrics will keep you cooler and circulate air as you jump from tube to taxi to garden party.  Secondly, what better way to lean in to a summer’s day than to match the colours and tones of warm sunshine?

Gucci and Prada

Gucci SS2020

Prada SS2020

Don’t let conventional ideas about summer fabrics fool you about leather.  Luxurious leather of quality is malleable and forgiving.  Granted, it’s not recommended for sitting in the sun at midday, but perhaps it could be just one item of leather mixed in to your usual work day look – as with Gucci’s long skirt with the attention-grabbing slits along each thigh – or you could go full Hepburn for the evening with Prada’s supremely stylish, black and white jacket and skirt number.

Chanel and Dior

Chanel SS2020

Dior SS2020

Summer always demands ‘day out outfits’, we all know that.  Not for work or dinner or events or even grocery shopping.  For the day-trippers to the countryside or the coast, these appetising shorts suits in tweed perfectly fill that gap.  Whether it’s Dior’s short-sleeved two-piece or Chanel’s double-breasted one-piece, both are designed to leave you feeling happy, comfortable, fashionable and cool in the sun at one and the same time.

Burberry and Alexander McQueen

Burberry SS2020

Alexander McQueen SS2020

If you think a little fourth-dimensionally, there are really clever ways re-interpret the formal trouser suit.  Movement circulates air and keeps you cool.  So there are lots of free-flowing fabric on these two spectacular creations, with each offering something slightly different.  McQueen’s striking, lace ivory suit is not only sun-ray reflective but also pleasingly porous.  Burberry’s suit bares the midriff while offering two ways to wear the trousers – through the cutouts to completely bare the legs or as normal wide-legged trousers with breeze-catching cutouts.  Take your pick!


To see these outfits in our exclusive illustrated fashion shoot by artist and graphic designer Faustine Aper-Nitche follow us on Instagram today

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