9th January 2019

Summer is Coming – Jitrois SS19

THE FALL takes a sneak peak at what Jitrois has in store for us this summer. And it can't come soon enough

Psychomotility is a little known term.  It can be loosely defined as ‘the physical movements driven by human brain functions that can be an indicator of mental instability or individual personality traits.’  Unbelievably, this is what Jean-Claude Jitrois was studying in the French healthcare system decades before turning his particular set of motor function skills to pattern cutting leather into amazing fashion pieces.

Perhaps it’s this background in the detailed study of human movement that has today made his leather creations so comfortable to wear while at the same time being right at the forefront of cutting edge fashion design.  When it comes to high fashion many will tell you that it’s really not such an easy combination to find.  In the wrong hands and with the wrong cut leather can be beautiful to look at but unforgiving to wear.  However, not so with Jitrois and the new collection coming for this summer.

Even here though there’s a combination that might prove disastrous in a lesser designer’s hands – summer and leather.  For Jitrois the summer is just another opportunity to explore his fascination with colour, texture and fit.  For him leather should be lived in and part of your everyday life, not just display pieces brought out for special occasions.  When it’s comfortable enough to wear all the time that’s when you can really be yourself and enjoy life.  But for that sentiment to hold true it has to apply to the summer as well as to the winter.  It’s a principle that runs right down the spine of the coming collection.  Bold summer colours punctuate the staple Jitrois black; cool-breeze mesh combines with kitten soft stretch leather and even the suede pieces are cut with such attention to form and fit they look like they’re gently fluttering in the wind when you’re standing still.  It all just sounds like summer!  And that youthful, fresh-faced ‘joie de vivre’ engendered by the collection has been perfectly captured in this new spring/summer campaign shot by another master of his craft, Rankin.

The entire driving ethos behind the new collection can be distilled down into five simple words from Jean-Claude himself: “Let’s be and not perform.”  Words to live by we think.

For more on Jitrois visit Jitrois.com

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