6th October 2020

Santoni – Galleria.01 Collection

Santoni's new capsule collection for S/S2021 by Andrea Renieri aims to 'elevate the exquisitely feminine soul of the Santoni woman'

Most dedicated followers of fashion understand that an outfit, any outfit, is incomplete without the right shoes to go with it.  In fact, the wrong shoes can turn an entire look on its head and leave you wondering what went wrong.  Fortunately, Santoni has been making luxury Italian leather shoes for almost half a century already and if there where any mistakes to be made, they’ve long since made them for you so you never have to worry about them.  Santoni is one of those names in fashion that has quietly solidified its place in the market without having to jump up and down and make a lot of noise.  For the people who know, they know Santoni.  The combination of design, desirability and exclusivity has made the brand one of fashion’s best worst kept secrets.

In 2021 they will be looking to consolidate and build on that position with the release of their gorgeous new Galleria.01 S/S2021 collection.  In keeping with their ultra-feminine aesthetic for women’s shoes, the collection trades on a sophisticated, hand-crafted romance befitting their home in the beautiful old Italian commune of Corridonia, not too far from the Adriatic sea.  So there are no extravagant flourishes, questionable colour palettes or ankle-breakingly tall heels here for you to worry about.


Instead we have delicious kitten-heel mules in ivory with pretty ruffled detailing around the toes, caged-toe strappy sandals featuring rows of cute little knots in blood red leather, and grecian style strappy sandals with a central row of knots in cream leather.  Of course, slingbacks also get a look in with some beautiful ivory court shoes featuring some fantastic large knot detailing on the strap and, perhaps our favourite, the strappy pearl grey slingbacks with low heels that are the epitome of  chic simplicity.

Each style in the collection has been created by lovingly pulling inspiration from Italian Renaissance art and architecture and experimenting with different volumes and heights to create something altogether new and unique.  So, no matter what, Santoni will be making sure that there will always be a way for you to complete any outfit you might happen to be wearing next summer.


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