8th September 2023

Pucci AW23 Collection

The new collection from the Italian House goes back to look forward. By THE FALL

Famed Italian designer Emilio Pucci was always known for his psychedelic use of colour to tell a woman’s story through design.  Even today, decades after his passing, a Pucci pattern remains perhaps one of the most recognisable codes in fashion.  The new Pucci AW23 collection by creative director Camille Miceli, titled Supernova, builds on that legacy by adding contemporary sensibilities and artistic flourishes to those revered heritage foundations.

Throughout the collection we see modern interpretations of House prints from the 50s and 60s like Giardino and Leocorno, featuring geometric checks and stripes, all-over tulip bulb graphics and recurring flag motifs.  But it’s the shapes and silhouettes to the latest proposition that tells you why global superstars like Beyoncé are so often seen rocking Pucci on stage as well as in the streets.

It should go without saying that the drama of the colour schemes wouldn’t have quite the same impact on the culture without Miceli’s spectacular outlines to enclose them.   From head-to-toe, all-encompassing hooded bodysuits, zipped biker jackets and dainty mini-dresses, to the space and freedom of colour-blocked blanket ponchos and elegant, enveloping kaftans, we see both sides of the new aesthetic working in perfect harmony throughout the story.

Even when colour is absent the underlying individuality shines through the collection like a searchlight.  Sleek tailored black velvet suits, sumptuous cashmere knitwear with intriguing personalities, exciting shaggy skirts and giant padded overcoats remind us all about how much fun fashion can actually be.  Naturally, this season’s accompanying accessories duly picks up that baton and runs with it.

The Pucceli bag in thermoformed lamb and calf leather makes its debut, while the hot-water bottle brings some tongue-in-cheek good vibes to the mix.  But it has to be the wonderfully outlandish, shaggy Yeti boots that takes the ‘guaranteed to drop jaws’ prize.  “I wanted to explore new fashion dimensions,” says Miceli of her collection.  “I love that this is a wardrobe of wearable statement pieces so that everyone can push their Pucci personality even further.”  Which only leaves us with one question: exactly how far do we want to go?


For more information about the Pucci AW23 collection, click here

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