14th June 2019

Prada Menswear 2020 Review

Prada is the latest house to bring elegance and design to Shanghai, fashion's new favourite destination. By Chidozie Obasi

Feeding our insatiable sartorial lust this menswear show season was a Prada Menswear S/S2020 collection that challenged established tailoring norms and took them to a whole new level.  Shown in Shanghai to capture the gaze of the all-important Chinese consumer and celebrate the 40th anniversary of the city being twinned with Milan, the collection epitomised the continuation of the themes presented at Muiccia Prada’s recent women’s Resort show in New York.  Those themes just took on a more starkly jagged edge when presented in menswear.  The pieces interpreted the themes of strong femininity and gave them a delicate attitude on the catwalk, as shown in the embroidered shirts that were infused with an erotic feel and fetishizing dose of untainted minimalist but timeless charm.  Taken as a whole, what was shown encompassed an eclectic range of slender ensembles – twills, tweeds, shirts, sportswear and asymmetrical pieces served to accentuate and highlight the splendour of ‘mystical luxury.’

A free-spirited manhood?  It’s never been a thing to distrust and, in that respect, Prada is simply like no other fashion brand.  Exemplifying a chic sartorial allure, the precisely cut coats, jackets and trousers were delivered in a variety of hues, shapes and silhouettes, all relaxed but yet finely tuned.  For the tailoring-a-holics among us, the excitement upon seeing the same proportions and symmetries that were explored with the same succinctness Miuccia brings to her women’s collections was truly palpable.  The accompanying old school sports and man bags added a touch of boyhood charm to the grown-up collection, while the heavily strapped back packs reminded us that despite the elegance on display these were clothes made to be worn in real life, not just on red carpets.  It’s therefore unsurprising just how much of a show-stopper the collection turned out to be for the gathered international fashion press.


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