1st July 2020

No.21 Pre-Fall 2020

Creative meastro Alessandro Dell'Acqua looks back on his last ten years at No.21 to usher in the next ten years

2020 marks ten years since Alessandro Dell’Acqua launched the hugely influential Numero Ventuno (No.21).  And now the funky fashion label marks the occasion with a new pre-fall collection that subtly pays homage to the inspirations that have come before, while looking ahead to the future.  The cute ankle socks paired with many of the outfits tells you that the fresh, youthful appeal No.21 is known for is still there in the modern, sexy and easy-wearing pieces that make up the collection.  If there’s one person Dell’Acqua knows how to dress it’s the young and ambitious high-flyer with a creative twist to her personality – and perhaps a few ‘vintage’ No21 pieces already in the closet.  The recognition of a decade’s worth of past design cues is sure to add an extra dimension to the whole fashion experience.

I fused together in my mind all the references and designs of the last ten years, stripping relative meanings down to the core so as to get mere marks of recognisability, from which I then drew new shapes and proportions, innovative silhouettes, quite unusual combinations.  Yet, at the same time, I highlighted all the characteristics and characterising traits of No.21’s history.  It’s a process I had a lot of fun with and that enabled me not only to reread the brand’s backstory but also to range beyond visions and images I’ve already tried out and worked with in order to create other ones more in sync with today.  I did this by operating in a creative transformist mode. – Alessandro Dell’Acqua, No.21 creative director.

That ‘transformist’ nature can be seen in how so many of the pieces make the transition from day to night look so easy.  A slate grey, chiné knit cardigan tucked into a bright red, below-the-knee, faux leather skirt will carry you through your day, no matter what.  As will the gorgeous black, skinny-ribbed, long zipped dress – zipped open to the waste – worn over an even longer, silky black dress with a lace hem.  If you feel a little more daring the leg-baring, sequinned mini-dress worn under an over-sized, slouchy, black ribbed cardigan – worn with a pair of clear plexi sandals with a big chain buckle – is clearly the way to go.

Colour and pattern are also major features of the collection.  Brushed knitwear tops in a pink, red and black (or black and yellow) leopard print design worn with a bright red-on-black, three-quarter length skirt will designate you ‘most fashionable on the street’ from a very long way away.  Pink makes appearances elsewhere as well, this time in the shocking variety for the overcoat with the oversized lapels and the long silk blouse and three-quarter length skirt combinations.  Perhaps the biggest impact on the collection are the dual camouflage and leopard print ensembles in military green.  Whether it’s in the coats, pants, jackets or dresses, who could deny it would be the perfect uniform for the urban jungle this autumn?


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