9th October 2023

Moncler x adidas Originals

The two apparel giants meet in the middle for an artistic new capsule collection. By THE FALL

In recent times the phenomenon of cross-brand collaborations has become a true mainstay of the global fashion industry.  Not only is it a process that reinvigorates the creative energies within each company, but it also expands their reaches into adjacent consumer markets to put yet more eyes on their products.  It’s why major crossovers have always proved to be so exciting in the past.

Italian fashion House Moncler and adidas’ niche offshoot Originals are two such companies that have leaned heavily into this dynamic over the years.  Now they’re coming together for The Art of Explorers campaign to launch a “new collection that pushes the boundaries of co-creation”.  On the face of it, it’s a perfect marriage for the coming winter – the world’s biggest sportswear brand teaming up with the leaders in luxury mountaineering and skiwear.

Naturally, the new capsule collection starts from their respective corners and works towards the middle.  Glossy quilted puffers, both long and short, as well as track jackets, vests, boots and sneakers all feature a heady mix of signature Moncler silhouettes and Originals detailing to epitomise the intersection of their two distinct identities.

To commemorate the marriage, the accompanying campaign thrusts the explorer of the title into the spotlight through a series of AI-generated adventurers and a sampling of unique mixed-media sculptures.  “Where originality meets extraordinary,” reads the tagline.  The physical representation of that sentiment sees sculpted works by contemporary artists Gary Card, Ibby Njoya, and Kate Tabor, alongside real-life explorers in looks brought to pop-art life by stylist Ai Kamoshita and photographer Hanna Moon.

Each artist was challenged to create human-esque explorers inspired by the collection, with the collaborations extending into the digital world for the simultaneous launch of the new immersive platform on the Moncler website tied into the overall theme.  This is all the culmination of a process that started at The Art of Genius show at London Fashion week in February earlier this year that first introduced us to the percolating concept.  And now it’s here, there’s nothing else left to do but take those first steps on the road to a new fashion adventure.


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