23rd September 2019

MFW – Iceberg S/S2020

Iceberg brings their quirky fashion sensibilities to Milan

Since the last show season Iceberg has decided to take their fashion design acumen on the road, choosing instead to show at Milan Fashion week this season.  And with a new location creative director James Long chose a new style of presenting the collection by taking the whole thing outside into the Milanese sunshine.  It’s a decision that certainly paid off, with the bright colours on display perfectly complementing the bright sunshine on the day.

Iceberg has always been about experimenting with colour and finding that happy (and lucrative) medium ground between streetwear, sportswear and casual wear.  With the cacophony of luminescent and neon colours combined with easy wearing pieces in his new collection Long seems to have found his groove.  Floor-length sheer wrap dresses infused with swathes of subtle pinks, baby blues and cornfield yellows and cinched at the waist with statement ‘ICEBERG’ belts set the tone.

Tailored sequinned artic white suits with a neon yellow ‘i’ pattern throughout were amazing and took things up another level or two, as did the shirt and trousers combos in the same.  The sequinned short halterneck dress in silver reflected the sunlight like a disco ball and spoke to the younger fashion audience Iceberg has always appealed to.

Even the more conservative mauve double-breasted jacket came with a contrasting cherry red trim and ‘i’ motif on the sleeves to make sure it wasn’t taken too seriously.

And the boob top and track pants combos came adorned with purple sequins to let you know it’s too fabulous just for the gym.

The ‘i’ motif was a big design point this season and was seen covering everything from jogging pants, swimwear two-pieces,  billowing kaftans and form-fitting sleeveless jersey dresses.

Iceberg is definitely the brand to have some fun with fashion and they even made Looney Tunes cool with a slouchy over-long jumper featuring your favourites (and ours) Daffy, Tweety and Bugs.

Of course, there’s only so many hours of daylight in the day and Iceberg didn’t disappoint for when the sun goes down either.

The jet-black outfits shown at the end were the highlights.  Exquisite simple black dresses with a light mesh overlay featuring the reoccurring ‘i’ motif, jeans with zipped ‘tears’ and draw-string hems and black sequinned boob top and pants combinations worn under black bomber jackets stood out.

But it was the long-sleeved black sequinned top worn with the knee-length pleated black skirt that stole the show for creating the most dramatic silhouette of the day to cap a show that showed range, depth and humour for next season.



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