6th December 2021

Levi’s X Atelier Reservé

Georgia Hambury takes a look at the second collection from the denim giant and the contemporary Dutch fashion designers

Levi’s have teamed up with Amsterdam-based visionaries Alljan Moehamad and Deyrinio Fraenk of Atelier Reservé to bring to the world a new capsule collection that modernises former Levi’s classics into new, non-gender specific items for a new era.  This will mark the second occasion the duo has collaborated with the famous denim brand to re-invent items that feature key Levi’s components, such as the ever-present tartan fabric.

The fabric, which was once a symbol for American resilience, strength and masculinity, following the industrial revolution, is rejuvenated with a highly contrasted patchwork amalgamation featuring a soft baby blue pinstripe, classic tartan red and pastel blue materials.  This contemporary approach allows for easier, looser and more relaxed silhouettes that don’t withhold on flair and finesse.  Accentuated by Cowboy boots and vibrant painted nails, pieces are able to achieve levels of elegance from an androgynous perspective not possible through traditional masculine or feminine codes.

This up-cycled collection consists of two Sherpa trucker jackets, two graphic sports hoodies and a blue striped flannel shirt all created in organic ways and utilising an official zero-waste policy adhered to by both to brands to further their own altruistic aims.  Where fast fashion is promptly exhausting the Earth’s lands and oceans, Atelier Reservé chose to stay consistent in their development of products that are sustainable, durable and naturally ageing.

The revamped Sherpa jacket – originally blanket-lined for colder weather in 1943, then refined by Levi’s in the 1960s to feature fleece – is given a softer silhouette by replacing the usual stand-up collar with a kimono-style version. This successfully unpacks a once markedly masculine product to allow for a wholly more epicene result.  This sartorial dynamic is repeated again and again throughout the new offering.

This union of two distinct cultural patterns continues the universal nature of this capsule to successfully bypass the barriers built up over time by pervading conventional gender roles to bring new life to the oldest denim brand in the world.  The new Levi’s X Atelier Reservé collection is available now.


For more information on the Levi’s X Atelier Reservé collection click here

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