14th September 2021

Ivy Kirk A/W2021

Venetia Tyler ponders the evolution of the design aesthetic from Ivy Kirk

Ivy Kirk is back with a bang. Her A/W2021 collection named Five is an explosion of colour and bold, abstract print designs which is an exciting progression from her previous collections. The New York-based designer has rightfully earned a name for herself within the fashion community as a creative force who thrives off the construction of stark silhouettes and explosive sleeves, all topped off with a hint of period fashion and vintage flare.  A piece that is stamped with the essence of Ivy Kirk is usually one of elegance and femininity, and one that will never be part of an ‘underdressed’ wardrobe or outfit. Her pieces are timeless and unique and are meant to be treasured and perhaps even and handed down to younger generations.

Past collections

Collection Two saw pintucks and ruffles finished with Supima cotton poplin and pearl buttons. The Victorian flare and French bohemian feel of the 1970s were strong, while collection Four, City Western, saw the designer grow and evolve with pieces featuring a 20th century finish crafted entirely from Italian cotton and introducing new vibrant pinks and cherry reds.

Collection Five

With collection five Kirk introduces new elements and pulls even more ideas from up her sleeve (quite literally). While the 50s and 60s influences are still ever-present, Five introduces bold clashes of colours and abstract prints, representing the off-kilter innocence and the implementation of a less conservative streak from the Ivy Kirk brand.  Previous collections saw lots of neutral tones and white pieces, while the pieces in Five are more daring – with haute couture florals taking centre stage.  The new collection is less risk-averse and more forward-thinking – we see shorter lengths and more skin, all intriguing little traits that adds to the developing story that is Ivy Kirk designs.

Hints of Victorian, vintage & thirties fashion are still noticeable as Kirk stays true to the original influences that were ever-present in her childhood through her parents taking her to vintage sales and auctions as a child.  But it’s the new experimentations that offer an insight into where the brand see itself going next.  The collection images were shot by photographer Julia Gorton, Ivy’s mother, in a collaborative and co-creative relationship that looks set to take the brand to the next level – and the level after that – in the very near future.


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