23rd November 2018

Guest of Honour – Virgil Abloh

Louis Vuitton menswear creative director, Off-White founder and all-round creative polymath Virgil Abloh really is the modern day Renaissance Man

While it would be hard for anyone to pinpoint exactly how they know, most people who have an interest in these kind of things know that Virgil Abloh is living his best life right now.  Fashion designer, brand founder, creative director, DJ, music producer and qualified architect are just a few of the titles he currently wears around his neck.  Anyone following him on any of his social media accounts should be able to piece together the jigsaw each represents to get a more holistic sense of the life of Abloh.  For example, who was the last creative director at any legendary fashion house you know of who could also shift gears, throw down and rock a crowd like this?

What that jigsaw will also tell you is that Abloh never, ever sits still.  The travel he gets through in a single year is insane and the work he undertakes monumental.  It must make the work/life balance pretty hard to maintain (Abloh is actually based in Chicago with his wife and two young children) but it does mean all of us around the world have more chances to be touched by the creativity of this very unique talent.

As if to illustrate that point, Abloh will be guest of honour in Milan, Italy, on November 30th to unveil a new installation and billboard commission for a special edition of Italian contemporary art publication, Kaleidoscope.  At the event he’ll also be giving a speech outlining why he thinks streetwear will be the next global art movement that will break down the barriers between high culture and real life.  Artist and thinker?  If you’re either of those things yourself then it’s probably an event you shouldn’t miss – if you’ve been lucky enough to receive an invite.  If not, then the exhibition will be open to the public from 7pm onwards.  The whole thing takes place at the new Milanese social and creative space, Spazio Maiocchi, and will also feature work by American photographer Collier Schorr, French artist Camille Henrot and American artist Eric N. Mack.

Look out for more on the one-man envy generator, Virgil Abloh, from THE FALL very soon.




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