3rd March 2020

First Date by Hila Kadi and Ori Leshem

We all know how it feels

Above:  Dress by WE MUST SHOP.  Coat by Kesh.  Jewellery, private collection.




Her:  Hat by Noa Tarlovsky.  Shirt by Doron Ashkenazi.  Jeans by WE MUST SHOP.  Jewellery, private collection.

Him (and below):  Hat by Noa Tarlovsky.  Hoodie by HOLYLAND civilians.  Shorts by Kesh.  Socks by adidas.  Blanket, private collection.








Left: Hat and dress by WE MUST SHOP.  Platform shoes by Twenty Four Seven.  Socks by Happy Socks.  Dog, private collection.





Above:  Coat by Kesh.




Her (left and below):  Coat by Noa Tarlovsky.  Top by Kesh.  Sweatpants by adidas.  Socks by adidas.  Shoes by ALDO.

Him (left and below):  Shirt by HOLYLAND civilians.  Coat by Noa Tarlovsky.  Jeans by Chop Shop.  Shoes by Converse.








Her (left and below):  Buttoned shirt by Doron Ashkenazi.  Sweatsuit by Kesh.  Socks by adidas.  Happy socks and bag by Oops My Bag.

Him (left and below):  Golf shirt by WE MUST SHOP.  Shirt by Kesh.  Trousers by HOLYLAND civilians.  Socks by adidas.









Left:  Coat by Kesh.








Photographer | Hila Kadi

Stylist | Ori Leshem

Models: Uma Sostmann & Franz Schweinberg

Hair & Make-Up | Anne Levi


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