23rd September 2023

Emporio Armani Womenswear SS24 – Milan Fashion Week

Summer comes alive with the new collection from MFW. By Mya Bungar

The Emporio Armani SS24 womenswear show at Milan Fashion Week embodied a perfect summer’s day.  Weightlessness was central to each look, taking the form of free-flowing, floor-length skirts and dresses that danced across the catwalk.  Influenced by balmy light winds, Like a Breeze became an apt name for the collection.  Combined with sheer blouses, trousers, and button-ups, Giorgio Armani’s love for understated femininity and elegance has never been more apparent.

The versatility in Armani’s designs unsurprisingly came from the fluidity between masculine and feminine; a fascination for the Italian designer.  There were no shortages of barely-there crop tops and chest-exposing, transparent blouses, so a range of blazers and box jackets added some boyish charm to the show.  The skin often peeked out from behind embroidered suit jackets and double-breasted blazers, as chunky belts with oversized buckles worked to cinch in the waist and let the feminine silhouette to take centre stage.

Seamlessness was clearly at the centre of composition for each look, and the transitions between colours only elevated the spectacle to a pastel paradise.  Like a flower from bud to bloom, the palette’s hues of silver, grey, and taupe slowly transformed into seafoam greens and soft lilacs as the cast revealed themselves.  By the finalé, summer burst into real life with floral motifs emerging hidden amongst bright magentas and purple.

‘Summer as a condition of the spirit,’ read the show notes.  Each model in the cast travelled their circular path sporting welcoming smiles, as if repeating the mantra in their heads.  A culmination of what it means to be soft, gentle, and light, Like a Breeze effortlessly captured the femininity of the season and yet still paid homage to the ideas of androgyny so loved by Mr. Armani.


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