28th July 2023

Emporio Armani AW23 Campaign

Classic film images are the inspiration for Mr. Armani's new campaign. By THE FALL

Most people who know the history of Armani are also aware of just how synonymous the brand name has been with original Hollywood glamour over the decades.  From Richard Gere’s American Gigolo and Tim Burton’s Batman, to the red carpets of the Academy Awards and the Cannes Film Festival, Mr. Armani’s singular style has been dressing the royalty of stage and screen since the very beginning.

The new Emporio Armani AW23 campaign builds on this same storied legacy with a spectacular series of images shot by New Zealand-born fashion photographer and filmmaker Gregory Harris.  What’s immediately clear is the film director’s eye Harris brings to a set of cinematic visions that could almost pass for the heyday of black and white Hollywood.

With aerial views of the vibrant Manhattan cityscape as backdrops, actor Nicolas Maupas and models Finn Farrell, Jeranimo Van Russell, William Franklyn, Akbar Shamji, Mathieu Simoneau, Aleyna Fitzgerald, Sija Kang, Gloria Maria and Marie Teissonniere are pictured telling their own visual tales of drama and intrigue.  Encompassing eyewear, jewellery, watches and fashion, the dynamism between the story and its canvas is palpable.

Some of the cast hang and swing from scaffolding among the skyscraper rooftops like modern day Harold Lloyds.  Others are lost in their own worlds, distracted by different stories being told out of frame.  Clouds of billowing fog-like smoke float through the backgrounds to add a pre-war, dreamlike quality to the images.

It’s a testament to the strength of the creative direction that you could almost be forgiven for thinking the campaign was shot in a film studio.  If you were to see these images as vintage movie posters out on the boulevard you wouldn’t think twice.  As one of the images in the series so obviously shows, the Emporio Armani AW23 campaign is definitely something to shout about.


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