3rd May 2019

Dot Comms – Karl Lagerfeld Pre-Fall 2019

Karl Lagerfeld has a little fun with fashion with a polka-dot themed new collection for pre-fall 2019

Karl Lagerfeld, the man, may have recently passed away.  But Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion house, is the legacy he left behind for us all that means, in one way at least, he will live on forever.  As a way of offering a salve to the great man’s untimely passing, his fashion house will soon be releasing a pre-fall collection inspired by the humble polka-dot – the kind of pattern that makes everyone smile, even if it’s only on the inside.  With this new collection KL plays fast and loose with the concept of proportion throughout with the signature pattern ranging from giant circles all the way down to cute little mini dots.

The dominant colours here are black and white, naturally (it’s polka-dots after all), but there’s also regular punctuations of soft pinks and blues to catch your eye – just to make sure you’re paying attention.  The stand-out in the collection is the beautiful black satin two-piece suit adorned with matte black dots.  The subtle contrast in textures coupled with the exquisite silhouette makes it the suit to lead the collection when it hits the Karl Lagerfeld stores around the world this month.

Accompanying the statement suit are elegant mini dresses, shirts and easy wearing palazzo pants.  It’s clear this is a collection that has been made for effortless wearing and range of accessories to round out the whole look – like large shoppers, baseball caps, scarves and even iPhone cases – all invoke the familiar ‘Parisian chic’ that became Lagerfeld’s signature over the years.  And as long as we continue to get the best of both worlds like this then that legacy will live on.

The Karl Dots collection will be available worldwide and online from May.


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