19th November 2018

The Dog Days of Winter – Moncler’s Luxury Fashion for Canines

THE FALL looks at Moncler's fun winter collection for canines, Poldo Dog Couture, recently launched as part of its Genius Project

Canine fashion is nothing new to the world, that’s for sure.  But we’re not so sure that having a luxury brand like Moncler dedicate a whole collection to dogs for one season isn’t a first.  Even if it isn’t, it’s something that’s definitely put a smile on our faces – and that’s never a bad thing in fashion!

Moncler is the 67-year-old Italian luxury fashion and lifestyle brand born in the shadow of the Alps near Grenoble, France, known for its premium sports and skiwear creations.   As part of their drive to expand their creativity beyond the traditional two collections per year model, Moncler recently unveiled their ‘Genius Project’.  These are eight different capsule collections designed by eight exciting designers that will be released at strategic points throughout the year.  Each collection will fall under the Moncler umbrella and all will be underwritten with the signature Moncler fashion aesthetic.

As Remo Ruffini, chairman and CEO of Moncler and the brainchild behind the Genius Project describes it: “We have chosen designers that differ greatly from each other as we have always spoken to different generations.  Moncler Genius is divided into several collections over the year. We have overhauled everything, by overcoming the very concept of seasons. Our approach is monthly, weekly, daily. An approach which considerably reduces the time that elapses between the collections’ presentation and when they actually arrive in the stores”.

Of those eight collections easily the most ‘awwww-inducing’ will be the canine collection created in partnership with Poldo Dog Couture.  Here you will find the classic Moncler down jacket remixed for four-legged comfort as well as waistcoats with detachable hoods and traditional doggie staples like collars and leashes decorated with the French Tricolour.  With a different type of collection also comes a different type of colour palette.  New hues like fuchsia, powder blue and baby pink are sure to catch your eye among the more traditional Moncler colours.  Of course, dogs, being almost colour blind, won’t care so much about the new colour palette but at least you’ll know just how fashionable he/she will look in the snow this winter!

Moncler’s Poldo Dog Couture collection is now available from Moncler boutiques worldwide and from Moncler.com

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