15th August 2023

Dior Men’s Winter 2023/24 Campaign

The luxury French Maison collaborates with Rafael Pavarotti for winter. By THE FALL

Lest it ever be forgotten, Kim Jones’ affinity for movement and dynamism is something that has always been ever-present in his designs throughout his career.  For his new Dior men’s winter 2023/24 campaign he enlists the eye of Brazilian-born fashion photographer Rafael Pavarotti for a story that becomes a metaphorical, and sometimes literal, reflection of that central creative ethos.

Our cast are photographed against deep black to place them as sole focus.  More often than not, they’re also positioned against smooth reflective surfaces to tell us different sides of the same tale without having to ‘turn the page’.  Pavarotti captures an almost hyper-reality in form and composition, using stark lighting to elevate our subjects against the dark void.

As ever, the real star of the show is Jones’ collection.  Running the full gamut of fashion and accessories, it’s the effortlessly cool contemporary silhouettes and eye-catching detailing that brings everything to life.  Black and greys dominate the palette in tribute to Christian Dior’s favourite colours, punctuated by a shearling leopard print here and a coral blue there.

Saddle bags embossed with the repeated Dior logo are finished with opposing curved edges like merging waves on a lake.  Simple and precise round-necked sweaters mirror the cardigan version of the same, with both featuring extravagant ‘CD’ emblems across the heart.  A sumptuous wool suit with single-button fastening, turned-up lapels and oversized trousers sits juxtaposed with a re-interpreted version in competing greys comprising of an open-necked top with notch lapel detailing teamed with tailored long shorts and chunky boots.

More than anything, that’s what this campaign is about – the rhythm between simplicity and precision; virtuosity and expression.  It’s a complex dance that not many could hope to master.  So, if the Dior men’s winter 2023/24 campaign doesn’t already have your toes tapping for the coming winter, nothing will.


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