29th September 2021

Diesel A/W2021 Campaign

Ebonee Emani goes shopping with the new Diesel campaign

Everything Diesel.  Inspired by a modern twist on classic Americana, the new Diesel A/W2021 campaign gives us insight into all things consumer at their hyper-real, own-brand supermarket.  Bursting with colour, the polychrome shopping experience overflows with seemingly endless lifestyle products, including sliced bread, canned soup and laundry detergent. It’s only on closer inspection does the real story of this world become clear.  We are in the Diesel cinematic universe now and all the products on the shelves are made by the brand, not just the clothes on the models.

Telling a story of mass consumer culture through imagery and film, the campaign encourages the audience to indulge in a tongue-in-cheek last-minute shopping spree for all of your daily (fashion) needs.  With the change in seasons, new traditions are on the horizon.  Models are captured as though surreptitiously caught on in-store CCTV as they strut through the entrance and catwalk their way down the aisles – soon to be seen fleeing the store five minutes before closing.

There could never be such thing as owning too many jackets (could there?) and the Diesel winter collection has a variety to choose from – just like any other product in a supermarket.   As we watch the ‘consumers’ shop for their day-to-day essentials, we get to ride along with them in their shopping carts, gaining valuable front row seats to each new look as though we had been personally invited to this new ‘fashion show’ concept.

With this new campaign, Glenn Martens chose to speak directly to his customers – artists, creatives, the fashionable and the focused decision-makers.  This off-centre, surrealist world has been especially created to draw them in.  Deconstructed varsity pieces, patchwork and detachable details, relaxed denims and outdoor sports styles speak directly to the people of Diesel’s world.  And the devil is always in the details.  Here it might also be on camera, with one of the consumers in this campaign having turned a deep shade of Diesel red.  Perhaps she is the embodiment of the Diesel super fan.  It’s a story that only serves to engage us as the audience even more.  In fact, there are many different stories being told throughout the campaign visuals – a trait that will be very familiar to those who follow the iconic jeanswear brand and its heritage.  And, perhaps if we all decipher enough of what they’re telling us, maybe we’ll also discover the formula for ‘successful living’.

Diesel Creative Director: Glenn Martens

Art Director: Christopher Simmonds

Photographer and Director: Johnny Dufort

Stylist: Ursina Gysi


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