17th October 2018

Coach + Selena Gomez and Michael B. Jordan for Dream It Real

THE FALL Fashion looks at Coach's fantastic new charity initiative

For anyone who might have grown up in the 80s there’ll be a certain extra appreciation for the latest philanthropic initiative from premium fashion brand, Coach.  Back then, particularly if you weren’t blessed with family money or connections, chasing after or even just discovering your dream was more a function of luck and not much else.  Especially if those dreams were in the creative industries like fashion, arts, entertainment or media.  Even today, if you’re not born in the right location with the right family name and the resources to support the chase, those dreams can seem frustratingly out of reach, or even completely alien to those who’ve never been exposed to them.

That’s why THE FALL loves Coach for launching Dream It Real, a project they have backed with $1.4million of their own foundation’s money to support the new generation in finding what it is that makes them tick; that passion that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  Inspired themselves by the spirit of possibilities in New York, the birthplace of the Coach brand, the forward thinking fashion company has partnered with The Future Project, a US non-profit that’s helping the younger generation to recognise their talents and build on them, to tour schools all across the US to help students create individual ‘Future Projects’ that realise their own dreams for themselves, their schools and society in general.

Michael B. Jordan for Coach. Dream It Real

Enlisted into this great initiative are Coach brand ambassadors Selena Gomez (shown above) and the newly anointed Michael B. Jordan (congrats, Michael!) who will tour the partner schools of The Future Project and work with their students to help them become ‘Dream Directors’ and carry on the important work after they have gone.  Particularly inspiring when you note that both Selena and Michael represent what can happen when talent, ability, opportunity and dreams meet under the right circumstances.  Sometimes, fashion, as an industry, really gets it right.

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To see the accompanying short film clip  for Dream It Real, shot by rising star photographer Tyler Mitchell check out THE FALLtv on our YouTube hub here.

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