29th October 2020

Coach – Holiday Is Where You Find It

Coach keeps in all in the family this holiday season

There are a number of sayings that fit the times we are all living in right now.  One in particular seems to stand out: ‘Home is where the heart is’.  In a time when so many people have been prevented from seeing their loved ones for obvious reasons, the emotional and spiritual connections have become even more of an important substitute for the physical ones.  Coach has decided to take this concept one step further for the coming holiday season.

Holiday Is Where You Find It is the new campaign that focuses on finding, and re-capturing, the joy in the little things that perhaps got a little lost in a modern world unencumbered with global pandemics and social distancing restrictions.  It can be quite eye-opening just how much we may have forgotten the importance of family and togetherness when those things are suddenly taken away from us.  So, to put the emphasis on what’s really important, the new Coach campaign sees a number of their brand ambassadors – or the ‘Coach family’ – surrounded by their own families and away from the the usual fare of exotic locations and elaborate set-ups.

Instead we see heartwarming scenes with Jennifer Lopez with her mother Guadelupe and children Emme and Max Muñiz and it’s just smiles and hugs all around.  Michael B. Jordan is pictured celebrating Kwanzaa with his family – parents Michael senior and Donna, brother Khalid and sister Jamila – in a scene that’s reminiscent of many ‘returning home for the holidays’ rituals played out all over the world.  Hoops star Jeremy Lin also gets in on the holiday action with his friend and trainer Josh Fan, while celebrated creative polymath Yuka Mizuhara looks ready to Netflix and chill with her model sister Yuka.

All the images of the campaign – shot by the likes of Ryan McGinley, Hao Zeng, Brad Ogbonna and DJ Furth to name but a few – come complete with big, warm smiles, chocolate box scenery and that still unmistakably sharp edge just to remind you, this is still a campaign from one of the world’s top luxury fashion companies.  Just ask another of the Coach family, Megan Thee Stallion.

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