21st October 2021

CHANEL Optical Eyewear E-Commerce Launch

Sorcha Ní Cheallaigh fixes her gaze on CHANEL's new vision for optical eyewear

As augmented reality becomes a way of life in the modern age, CHANEL Optical Eyewear has taken to spearheading the luxury e-commerce revolution.  Following hot on the heels of their US and European launches, the fashion house has continued their roll-out of a comprehensive optical eyewear range across their e-commerce platforms in the U.K.   In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, the OECD published a report on the rapid expansion of online shopping experiences during the the various lockdowns.  “New firms, customers, and types of products,” the OECD stated, would be captured in the midst of a long-term online shift that encompassed not only luxury goods and services but everyday necessities.  It’s apt then, that CHANEL’s newest revelation in the e-commerce sector is eyewear – a basic and essential item with a classic opulent CHANEL twist.

The UK launch re-enforces CHANEL’s continued engagement towards e-service and innovation by creating an omni-channel approach that complements the boutique retail experience, and provides a service suitable for every contemporary client.  Through CHANEL.com users will virtually experience the complete collection with the augmented reality ‘Try On’ feature providing live simultaneous side-by-side possibilities and comparisons.  Already a leader in curating augmented reality experiences characterised by their veracity and fidelity, CHANEL’s eyewear ‘Try On’ continues in that tradition. 

Other online services offer an expedited service for clients hard-pressed for time.  The option to immediately filter and explore the store by frame, shape, colour and style streamlines the search for your perfect pair.  Checkout is a rapid process for client’s in need of a more instantaneous experience, with home delivery available or Click & Collect for London customers. 

Providing an online experience synonymous with the brand’s luxurious level of service proved central for the famous french house.  Classic branding and curation is felt throughout the site’s minimalist design focus on seasonal campaigns and collections.  First class service continues even in the online realm, as purchases from CHANEL’s e-commerce sites benefit from lens replacement at CHANEL authorised opticians.  Online clients may also enjoy additional services at recommended opticians, such as eye examinations, at-home delivery, complimentary fittings and adjustments and after-sales care.  Offering a digital exploration of an essential fashion accessory, the CHANEL eyewear site is a comprehensive resource for shoppers and fans alike, proving the fashion house will always remain at the forefront of each new technical innovation.


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