3rd June 2022

Canali Balance

Sian Cuthbert Davis takes a look at the new range from the Italian brand, with a campaign fronted by Olympic fencer Daniele Garozzo

For over 85 years family run luxury Italian menswear brand Canali has blended tradition with innovation, with the company always moving in innovative directions and incorporating original ideas.  With the release of the new Balance collection here’s what we have to look forward to from the brand.  We all know Canali for its luxury tailor-made menswear that brings formalism and comfortability together.  Now, in a quest for new aesthetic codes and fit, the latest offering has been constructed with high-tech fibres treated with natural mineral compounds to meet the demands of today’s fashion and environmentally-conscious consumer.

We are heading into a new post-pandemic age, where wellness is more important than ever before. Balance highlights this desire, and focuses attention on the health and lifestyle aspects of fashion that have been all too often ignored in the past. Canali is now pushing those boundaries and shying away from previous notions that these things were separate from high-end fashion.

With the shift into comfortability making its way into premium design, Canali is provided a much-needed answer to consumer calls for more awareness about the things they wear on their backs.  Over the pandemic, many of us strayed away from formal wear with, literally, nowhere to go but to the kitchen and back.  Balance is set to be the new and exciting middle ground for the contemporary male fashion follower as the world heads back outside.

Promoting a balanced lifestyle, the collection consists of lightweight bombers, blousons, shirts, polo and trousers.  Along with the new direction also comes a new logo to identify this evolution in design: a pyramid-shaped ‘A’ to denote the natural energy flow emitted from the body and reflected by the new-age fabrics.  This is an exciting venture for the Lombardy-based company, and could mark a new milestone in the luxury menswear market.  The expansion of the Canali range via this pioneering paradigm integrates lifestyle and luxury to redefine how we cater to high fashion for a new era.

Forward technical thinking incorporating traditionalism and heritage is a collaboration we should all love to see. The future of premium menswear is now and the Balance collection is just the start.


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