19th June 2020

Burberry A/W2020 Pre-Collection

Burberry lunches a new collection based on the theme of 'duality'

The new Burberry A/W2020 pre-collection has been specifically designed by Riccardo Tisci to present Burberry customers with what some might consider a form of ‘duality’.  In an era where everything everywhere always seems so polarised and entrenched this collection, and the accompanying campaign, aims to turn the dial down on the pressure cooker and instead invites frustrated fashionistas to view the world from two perspectives to have a more complete outlook.

I have always been drawn to the notion of duality and viewing things from two perspectives – bringing a depth and contrast to a person or a concept. This campaign explores this idea of mirroring, a theme which I established as a house code in the new Burberry identity. – Riccardo Tisci, Burberry Chief Creative Officer

For anyone who has been following the tenure of Tisci at Burberry over the last couple years you will know how much he draws inspiration from the long heritage and deep archives of the famous British fashion house.  The spirit of the founder Thomas Burberry looms large in recent collections and design choices, with the recently revived ‘TB’ logo now becoming as instantly recognisable as Chanel’s interlocking Cs and Fendi’s opposing Fs.  Even with the continuing evolution, the design cues that mark Burberry out from all the others still proudly take centre stage.  So while camouflage may be a different look to what would be expected, it’s the signature Burberry check overlaid on top of it that gives it its unique fashion identity.

This concept of duality is mirrored (pun intended) in the campaign images shot by Danko Steiner, with Burberry favourites Irina Shayk and Reece Nelson mirrored by doppelgängers wearing similar outfits with subtle differences.  For example, while Irina is wearing a halterneck bodysuit with bicycle shorts all emblazoned with the TB logo pattern all over, her counterpart in the image wears the full length version in the background.  Or, while Reece is wearing the slick three-quarter length overcoat in familiar Burberry beige, his counterpart is shown wearing the jacket version in the same colour with slightly different colour cues at the cuffs of the sleeves.

Of course, when talking about Burberry it would be hard not to talk about the accessories.  Favourites among them include the gorgeous tan pocketbook with the large graphic design print of the name and original address of the company running from front to back and the amazing pink, oversized sunglasses with the giant ‘B’ hinges the temples to the lenses.  When it comes to a brand like Burberry it’s always the little things that count.


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