27th October 2021

Bottega Veneta – Detroit – Salon 3

Ebonee Emani takes a look at Daniel Lee's new postcard from Detroit, Salon 03

Continuing in the creative director’s chair at Bottega Veneta, Daniel Lee travelled back to Detroit for the first time in six years for Salon 03, the Italian House’s SS22 collection.  After hosting part one in London and the second in Berlin, Lee recently collaborated with the Detroit creative community to open a new art, design and music space known as Bottega Firehouse.  And, at the same time, he debuted his new vision for Salon 03 at the historic Michigan Building Theatre.

Innovative silhouettes, a subtle colour palette punctuated with strong tones and bold accessories marked Bottega’s American adventure.  Teased by dresses with architectural patterns, it seemed certain Lee wanted us to read between the standard and defined lines. The little black dresses with wide squared necklines outlined in contrast electric green detailing paved the way for the procession of shades yet to come. The midnight blues of the workwear denims and cotton canvas ensembles seemed apt for Detroit, while shades of lime green, citrus orange and even lemon yellow caught the eye via the bags, boots and shoes that completed each look.

The oversized trousers, jackets and coats with crushed sleeves pushed up the arm exaggerated the concept of form and structure for Bottega, adding volume and defining new proportions in contrast to the subtler pieces on show.  Yet subtle still spoke with a strong voice – figure hugging sequin dresses in deep purple and rustic gold complemented the matching tops and skirts combinations in sequinned green and yellow.  From day to night, the collection took us on a tour of the possibilities with technical, high performance fabrics and recycled materials.

Salon 03 was just the latest chapter in Lee’s new vision for fashion going forward.  Like many other designers and houses, Bottega Veneta has slowly started to carve out its own path away from, but not completely disconnected to, the expectations of the traditional fashion week calendars.  More chapters in this story will no doubt take place in more places around America and around the world.  While that may mean the usual suspects might not get to experience the House as often as they’ve been used to in the past, it does mean more people will get to experience it at least once.  Perhaps that is just the beginning for NewBottega.


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