16th October 2019

Blue Enough – by Russell Higton and Liz Daxauer

Some days it's good to feel blue

Le Gel Pailleté by CHANEL. A.D.C. Beauty



Nails by Nailsberry. Eyeshadow by Inika Organic. Moisturiser by Egyptian Magic.



A.D.C. Beauty


A.D.C. Beauty by Adam De Cruz



A.D.C. Beauty by Adam De Cruz


Body cream by Egyptian Magic.




Nails by Nailberry. Moisturiser by Egyptian Magic.


A.D.C Beauty by Adam De Cruz





Photographer: Russell Higton 

Make-up:  Liz Daxauer using Chanel Beauty, Mac Cosmetics , A.D.C Beauty, Egyptian Magic, Ininka Organic, Nailberry

Model: Dennis Nyero


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