4th October 2021

Bianca Saunders S/S2022

Lestine Manduakila takes a first look at the exciting new Bianca Saunders summer 22 collection

Upon winning the prestigious ANDAM award for 2021, Bianca Saunders recently proudly presented her new S/S2022 collection titled Henchmen to an excited press and public alike.  As always, Saunders took her inspiration for the collection from the men in her life and her own Jamaican heritage.

I was looking at photos of my family that my mum took when she went to Jamaica aged 18 – the colours in the photos and how the style was in between casual and tailored. I was also thinking about muscle men, with prints distorted as if stretched over their bodies, and arm shapes curved aroundBianca Saunders

For her spring summer collection, Saunders created looks in collaboration with sustainable denim manufacturer, Isko.  In doing so, she continues to highlight the importance of denim to the brand, as well as how she has made it synonymous with tailoring – as explored in the signature sleeve styles and heavily stitched denim looks.  Pullover shapes play a big part of the Bianca Saunders 2022 summer for men, and here a pullover tailored jacket is cut with her signature rolled shoulder, with press studs used to fasten the opening.  Left unlined with pockets that are cut high to create a waist, this new jacket style comes with a zipped seam – so no body contorting needed to slip it on.

With the new collection Saunders also collaborated with iconic fellow menswear brand Farah to present a range of four pocketed zip-up knits and jersey tracksuits, as well as scarves adorned with graphic prints resembling old holiday postcards.

“Collaborating with Farah has allowed me to continue to explore what I love – the nuances of masculinity together with the influences of my own Caribbean heritage.  Going deep into the Farah archives and finding new ways to push forward signature cuts and silhouettes” – Bianca Saunders.

This new collection serves to underwrite the reasons why Bianca Saunders is one of the most talked about designers in Britain and across the globe, men’s or womenswear.  The unique innovations that she brings to fashion design seems natural to her and comes from, apparently, a very deep well.  All of which leaves us wondering and excitedly waiting for where she will take her brand next.


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