5th September 2022

Balenciaga AW22 Campaign

Charlotte Lewis looks at how artificial seasons and vivid environments play into the new campaign

Berlin-based photographer Daniel Roché has once again produced a striking new campaign for Spanish House, Balenciaga AW22.  As the man behind the brand’s first Swimwear and Underwear campaigns, Roché has been no stranger to the company’s innovative reputation.  The collection itself is centred on and set around a future where manufactured weather is standard; a future that Balenciaga portrays as not-so-distant.  The recent show took place inside a large glass dome filled with an artificial blizzard, mimicking an enclosed scene within a snow globe.  The ‘snow storm’ perfectly framed the collection, allowing the sometimes vibrant, but more often contrasting colour palette to stand out against the bleak, wild scenery.

Balenciaga’s new story for winter cleverly recreates this same type of juxtaposition between setting and attire. Featuring the likes of Kim Kardashian, Alexa Demie, Big Matthew, Khadim Sock, and Kim Yeon-koung, all of the cast are shot in ways that embody the contemporary creativity of the brand.  In turn, each of them brings their own quirks and personalities to the narrative.  The images convey a considered individuality.  Even when models are seen in populated settings, the designs they wear still makes them seem elevated from their everyday backdrops.

This acute focus draws the eye into the details of the collection, daring them to learn more.  In one set-up, Demie wears the brand’s exquisite chocolate brown, simulated fur coat, yet she looks uncannily cool standing in the dry heat of a barren cracked river bed.  Similarly, Kardashian is shown situated in a foreboding, dramatic landscape, yet she’s the picture of confident tranquillity in her bodysuit dress and matching dark glasses.  In her hand, the Hourglass bag could almost be her anchor as she, seemingly, walks on water.

These contradictions and modern silhouettes form an integral part of the campaign.  Importance is firmly placed on the small details to further excite the more studious.   The colours are deep and alive, and the imagery presents an almost hyper-real aspiration for new and returning devotees.

To dovetail with the new images, award-winning Barcelona-based director, Mau Morgó, also reveals more of the Balenciaga experience on film.  The time-lapsed clips feature seasonal and environmental change, with the only constant being the AW22 looks.  These are the symbols of consistency, timelessness, and serenity that tell us Balenciaga’s winter campaign is, indeed, the perfect storm.


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