8th February 2022

The Attico – Ballroom on Mars, SS22

The rising Italian brand takes us on a long journey for spring/summer 2022. Images | Vito Fernicola

For SS22, creative duo Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini take us to Mars for the latest collection from their contemporary Italian fashion brand, The Attico.  Perhaps as a reaction to life on Earth over the past few years, The Attico decided to imagine what life is like on Mars by shooting the collection against barren yet dramatic landscapes that work to frame the looks perfectly.

The dark colours of the backgrounds contrast against the vibrant colours that underpin the new collection, and further emphasises the cut and shape that defines the young Italian brand – and made it such a favourite amongst a famous clientele.  It’s in the context, we now have Ballroom on Mars for SS22.

With the bold colours on display, it was only right that the silhouettes should match.  The matching blouse and trousers in fiery swirls of gold and red is forgiving in the fabric but cut close to define the shape; with the bootcut hems extending the legs for years.  Tonal metallic blues shot against a stark monochrome backdrop lean heavily in the space traveller story, yet they’re seen on jeans and a deconstructed halterneck tank top.

The rainbow of colours cascading through the sleeveless gown all the way down to the floor-length fish tale hem is almost hypnotic.  The ability to see a familiar garment in a new and innovative way is perhaps one of the main contributing factors behind the brand’s ever-growing reputation.  One moment it could be oversized, slouchy pinstripe pyjamas on the beach, the other it could be feather boa sequinned mini dresses against a foreboding cliff face.

The pastel shades of blues, yellows, pinks and lilacs in the collection also add new dimensions to the The Attico aesthetic for the summer.  Just as a way for Gilda and Giorgia to let you know that life in the new world will always have some colour.


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