17th February 2021

Ambush S/S2021 Campaign

Latisha Fleckenstein runs an eye over the first campaign for Tokyo fashion label, Ambush

What does comfort mean to you? A relaxed fit or the feeling of empowerment when wearing new clothes? Photographed by Ethan James Green, we see the theory of the ‘comfort zone’ interrogated by AMBUSH for their first ever campaign for S/S2021.  Conceptualised by creative director Yoon Ahn, the Tokyo based fashion label brings to life a minimalistic collection inspired by the feeling of home and familiarity.  Leather and linen are used to create timeless silhouettes and bring a balance between making a statement and offering wearability, without being too underdressed or overdressed on either side of the divide.

Launched in 2008 together with her husband Verbal, Yoon Ahn began the brand as an experimental jewellery line.  Since then the Japanese label has evolved into designing unisex streetwear collections and is now widely known for its influence on the Japanese street fashion scene.  In this S/S 2021 campaign, Ahn redefines streetwear to be timeless and relaxed – taking control of light and space and embracing a neutral colour palette, the campaign captures the appeal of simplicity with a sophisticated luxury take on streetwear.

Drawing from her Korean-American heritage, Ahn reflects on the concept of a cultural mix in the set design of the campaign.  The art direction recalls modern Japanese architecture and brings the collection to life with a juxtaposition of the hard and the soft.  Breaking up these graphic lines, reflecting the cultural mix that informs AMBUSH, we see Italian furniture in flowing shapes and billowing fabric contrasting with the concrete.  In front of Green’s the lens, models Anok Yai and Malik Anderson are the last pieces of this creative jigsaw and capture the spirit of AMBUSH in a timeless and powerfully mature aura of elegance.

Anok and Malik capture the state we wish us to be in – at ease with friends, with a partner, with the people we hang best with. Because, of course, a comfort zone isn’t just physical – it’s a feeling. A feeling of home.


To watch the Ambush S/S2021 campaign clip visit THE FALLtv.

For more information on Ambush click here.

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