17th August 2020

Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2020 Campaign

The house of McQueen strides into Autumn with an amazing new campaign

Summer is not quite over yet but as the vacation period after the lockdown period draws to a close, fashion is starting to look to the coming season in earnest.  One of the first is Alexander McQueen who release images from their A/W2020 campaign today.  Once again McQueen combines glamour, tailoring and wild nature to paint another compelling triptych of art, fashion and romance.

Of course, with Alexander McQueen fashion is the obvious central pillar on which everything is built.  Nowhere is this more true in the campaign than the image featuring the geometrically satisfying check-and-solid-black patchwork suit.  Exquisite tailoring is one of the hallmarks of the McQueen brand and its innovative designs like this that take that signature tailoring aesthetic to a whole new level.  Set in a field of sun-bleached long grass with ‘golden hour’ lighting, the effect is to create a compelling juxtaposition between ultra modernity and the aforementioned wild nature.  Both contrast with each other perfectly in the hands of Sarah Burton and her team.

The elegant romance of the campaign shines through in the image of the model wistfully circling an old pole in front of what looks like a large grain store.  Wearing a beautiful, billowing, cream dress with an extravagant bow at the base of the spine, there’s almost a touch of the ‘Little House on the Prairie’, Amish chic to the mood – if it wasn’t for the black leather harness that makes up the bodice of the dress to snap us back into the 21st Century.

For the art of the campaign look no further than the deliciously cut tuxedo skirt suit worn with the black leather leggings.  The sleeves of the jacket are enhanced with an extra panel of material that curves seductively from the front of the shoulders all the way down the backs of each sleeve,  revealing a contrast, blood-red lining to all onlookers.  The extraordinary silhouette this creates is reminiscent of the Lepidoptera collections at London’s Natural History Museum (that’s butterflies to the non-lepidopterists among us).  The art even extends to the statement bags that will feature as a prominent part of an Alexander McQueen campaign for the first time.  The Tall Story, the older sister to the The Story, is the kind of sculpted, modern, womenswear ‘equipment’ that will become essential not just for its clean good looks but also for the practicality common to all totes.  In other words, if you have to carry a laptop all day, might as well dress it up nicely.

So, if you really want to ponder on the beauty of this campaign, ask yourself this question: how many other campaigns do you think will take you on such an interesting journey over such a short amount time this winter?


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