8th November 2019

Adidas x Prada

A new collaboration is on the horizon for one of the biggest sportswear brands in the world

Adidas obviously knows where their sweet spot is.  While they may still be playing catch up to Nike in terms of overall market share, Adidas are certainly leading the way when it comes to the more interesting and exciting cross collaborations with luxury fashion houses and labels.  THE FALL has already extensively covered their cutting edge innovations in the development of sustainable fashion via a creative partnership with Stella McCartney that stretches back over a decade.  Kanye West’s Yeezy line currently rests at Adidas and we all still have fond memories of the Raf Simons collaboration.   Now we have news that Adidas will soon be launching another partnership with Italian giants, Prada.

In true showbiz fashion, in the information released about the Adidas x Prada collaboration has been designed to leave us wanting to know much, much more.  What we do know is that there should be more details to pour over before the official launch in December.  That’s when we’re likely to find out exactly what form this collaboration takes.  The natural assumption is that it will be a line of footwear but the potential scope is pretty far-reaching.  There are murmurs revolving around the sailing heritages of both companies – Prada has been a long time sponsor of the Luna Rossi America’s Cup sailing team and Adidas has a whole division dedicated to sailing gear.

To add yet further sauce to that intriguing mix, we’re also being prepped to expect something that fuses sportswear, street style and luxury fashion.  It’s the kind of tease that drives the imagination and the anticipation.  The only things we do know for certain are that the new collaboration will be for both men and women, it will be a limited edition collection and it will all be manufactured exclusively at Prada in Italy.  That’s a lot of pedigree and we’re excited to see what it produces.  More when we know it.


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