21st April 2021

Sustainable pt XVIII – KARL LAGERFELD x Amber Valletta

Latisha Fleckenstein discovers KARL LAGERFELD's new collaboration with model, actress and activist, Amber Valletta. Images by Amanda de Cadenet

Paying homage to Karl Lagerfeld’s enduring sense of style and innovation, the KARL LAGERFELD x Amber Valletta accessories collection acknowledges the interconnectivity between fashion and the climate crisis to perfectly reinforce the philosophy that we do not need to sacrifice great style for responsibly made fashion. The particular friendship forged between Karl Lagerfeld and Amber Valletta came with many years across laughter over countless fittings at Maison Chanel, Paris.

My favourite memories with Karl are from the fun dinners he would host at his home in Paris. We laughed and listened to him tell us stories – engaging all of us in this mesmerising worldAmber Valletta.

As a result, this consciously made collaborative capsule collection for the S/S2021 season features accessible yet sustainable accessories that have minimal economic as well as environmental impact, but still perfectly fits the visions of both creators in styles ranging from £43-£340. As British Vogue’s contributing sustainability editor, Valletta is already astutely placed to assess the opportunities for real game-changing initiatives in the fashion industry that can help to solve a growing sustainability crisis. “I believe that the only way forward in fashion is to recognise our industry’s part in the economic crisis. This means designing, sourcing and producing clothing and accessories that are thoughtfully made with innovation and sustainable materials,” she explains. As a designer, Lagerfeld always thought outside the box while creating classic forms and silhouettes that took the art of fashion to new heights. In this same spirit, KARL LAGERFELD’s new collaboration with Valletta represents a renewed commitment to designing and producing in a new, equally innovative, yet socially conscious way.

As part of the collection, Valletta reinvents the K/Kushion bag through the lens of sustainable and eco-friendly materials. The K/Kushion was originally inspired by a tailor-made cushion that Lagerfeld used to carry on his travels. Mimicking this silhouette, the new K/Kushion bag has a voluminous effect with a soft exterior and will come in two options. The first style is crafted from 100% vegan cactus leather by Desserto in Mexico and contains plant-based organic carbon content.  Coloured with organic pigments, the green is finished with pleats whilst the black K/Kushion bag is also available with a pleated finish or with a sleek, seamless exterior.

The second K/Kushion style is made from 90% recycled cotton certified by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS), and presents itself in a neutral sandy hue with decorative cord details.  Best of all, profits generated from this collection will be used to make an independent donation to The Ocean Cleanup non-profit organisation, a charity that aims to rid the world’s ocean of discarded plastics.


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