Karl Lagerfeld and Jehnny Beth

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Karl Lagerfeld and Jehnny Beth

Jehnny in Black and White

The mere fact that Jehnny Beth’s previous all-female, uncompromising punk band was titled ‘Savages’ should tell you which direction you should be looking in to see her coming.

What does it mean to be human? It’s a question that writers, philosophers, scientists, and artists have been asking themselves since the very beginning. For some, being a person is simply animalistic, driven by our urge for food, sex, and shelter; relying on our primal instincts to guide us through life. For others, it’s the ability to express ourselves that sets us apart. As a species, our inherent creative drive which allows us to face challenges through movement and crafting beautiful artworks also allows us all to communicate our feelings in a more sensual way, and express our true values to put it all into perspective. Artists will usually fall into the second cluster of thinkers. Savages frontwoman, and formidable creative artist Jehnny Beth is no different and her recently released debut solo album To Love is to Live explores the duality of being a person, examining all the different personas we encounter within ourselves. “You cannot live a life without those contrasts,” she tells me. From the masculine force of the first released single, I’m The Man, to the feminine need to embrace inner strength in Heroine, Jehnny reveals the dark side of the human definition.

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All clothes by Karl Lagerfeld A/W2020

Photographer – Johnny Hostile
Stylist – Hannah Martin
Interview – Hatti Rex
Make up & Hair – Jehnny Beth
Photographer’s Assistant – Carole Blanchard
Stylist’s Assistant – Jocelyne Congé