24th August 2022

Finding Your Signature Style

The best ways to always feel like you're looking your fashionable best

Four Practical Tips

Finding your signature style involves much more than discovering what clothes and accessories you prefer. It is part of a process and journey that is meant to help you understand the core of your identity. Moreover, your personal style should not be about putting limitations on what you can and cannot wear. Instead, it is about having fun, experimenting with what you feel like represents you the best, and getting the most out of what you want to invest in. Whether you’re looking for a complete style overhaul or you want to try something new, the tips below are designed to help you find your signature style and stick to it.

1. Do Your Research

There is no better way to start than to do some research by looking at your previous looks. Scroll through some of your photos and social media snaps and take a note of what outfits made you feel most empowered. Breaking down each look will allow you to notice patterns, such as specific colours, shapes, items, or accessories. It might also be helpful to ask your loved ones for advice on what they feel suits you the best. You can talk to your mum, best friend, or sister and listen to their recommendations and thoughts. However, be sure to only take what feels completely right for you.

2. Discover Your Signature Pieces

A successful signature style involves finding your signature pieces, that make you feel both comfortable and stylish. Luella Fashion is an independent fashion retailer, specialising in unique knitwear collections, which are the perfect place to discover your signature pieces. They use the best yarns and textiles, making Luella Fashion perfectly positioned to offer beautiful collections with timeless pieces. You will find luxuriously-soft knitwear, such as in-season Italian linens, cotton shirts, and dresses, ensuring you will stand out anywhere you go. Everything is made to last with the help of durable and sustainable materials.

3. Acknowledge What You Don’t Like

Once you have looked through your wardrobe and chosen a few pieces that you love, you should also recognise the things that don’t make you feel as good. It goes without saying that just because every blogger or celebrity is wearing a certain colour or pattern doesn’t mean you should too, if it doesn’t feel right. Developing a strong personal style means that you feel confident in the clothes that you wear every day. Also, there is no point in holding onto pieces you loved while they were on trend, but you haven’t worn since.

4. Experiment With Your Style

Experimenting with your style is one of the best ways to figure out what you like and don’t like. Therefore, you may want to set aside some time and head to your local high street. Be sure to try pieces both inside and outside of your comfort zone, as this will help you learn more about yourself. Also, keep in mind that things might not always go as planned. Sometimes you may fall in love with a piece and find out later that it doesn’t work. However, you shouldn’t let this stop you from experimenting, as you can simply donate the items to your local charity shop.

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