Erika Cavallini and Elarica Johnson

Hello.... Miss Johnson

You know you have a passion and a ‘calling’ to do something in particular with your life when you deliberately get off a path that’s already leading to a very successful career just so you can start again at the bottom. Elarica Johnson had to do just that and re-introduce herself to a whole new industry to satisfy her long-held creative dreams. Now with films like the Harry Potter franchise on her CV and her new series P-Valley holding an impressive 100% on Rotten Tomatoes perhaps she doesn’t have to introduce herself anymore:

“It’s always these women who go through something really detrimental and come out the other side. If it’s not, then it’s women who have to fight – and I mean really fight – to be seen or be heard”. As Elarica shared insights into her muse, Angelina Jolie, in truth her statement showed the humble nature of the London born actress. While describing a fellow artist, the 31-year-old was in reality describing herself. Radiating power, resilience and a fiery drive to succeed, Elarica Johnson, now a renowned name in the industry, navigated her way through a series of complex events in her life, never hesitating to voice her forthright thoughts on the workings of the world and refusing any limitations on her journey to the top.

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All clothes by Erika Cavallini A/W2020

Photographer – Jessica Mahaffey
Stylist – Elodie Fromenteau
Interview – Lorna May Tyler
Make-Up – Aime Williams
Hair – Carl Campbell
Assistant – Carolina Anzalone