17th October 2022

Burberry – Night Creatures

Martina Isolde Cerutti dissects the new campaign film

Recently, Burberry released its new campaign collaboration with renowned French production company MEGAFORCE entitled Night Creatures.  The short film brings the two creative power houses together again after 2021’s Open Spaces.  The latest story brings us into the heart of the city of London via one of its iconic red buses and three friends talking sci-fi movies.  What is turns out to be is a celebration of “the power of curiosity and the exploration of the unknown.”

Our three Burberry explorers guide us through this lyrically mysterious journey dressed in the latest reinvention of the brand’s signature pattern, the Night Check.  On a charcoal blue canvas, the white striping is made to resemble the hazy brightness of the stars at night.  The pattern itself has been reimagined as a three-dimensional Exaggerated Check seen on the quilted bombers and puffer jackets in the clip.

Exaggerated patterns aren’t the only thing seen on screen.  The earlier talk of science fiction comes to life when the bus’s path is suddenly blocked by a giant alien creature – part War of the Worlds (2015) and part ‘Tet’ from Oblivion (2013).  The alien captures our trio with its long triangular tentacles, and we are then swept up into a gravity-defying balletic display of movement and choreography that – as with Open Spaces – will leave you asking, ‘how did they do that?’  A classical music score accompanies the harmonious dance to usher in the new opportunity for adventure and evaluation.

The protagonists embrace and follow the creature to the discovery of a new understanding – the power of overcoming the fear of the unknown.  These invitations to grab new possibilities and explore new solutions have been a signature characteristic during the evolution of the British luxury House since its founding by Thomas Burberry.

That exploration continues with new lightweight nylon and technical fabrics spread over the entire collection, variations of the iconic trench coat refreshed in modern proportions thanks to the use of bespoke gabardine, and the Lola signature bag embellished with sequins shaped in the TB Monogram.  All of which means, we should all be Night Creatures very soon.


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