Miu Miu and Anya Taylor-Joy

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Miu Miu and Anya Taylor-Joy


….we all need a lot more of it in our lives. Especially with 2020 being the unanticipated obstacle course from hell it has turned out to be so far. Perhaps, like Anya, we all need to find better uses for our pent-up energies:

“I have such an overactive imagination and so much energy that anything that requires all of it is just a gift.”

From the new issue of THE FALL –

FIVE years ago, in a tangled forest in North Ontario, Anya Taylor-Joy made a pact with a satanic goat. She’s been working ever since. The indelible scene unfolded in Robert Eggers’ numinous candlelit horror The Witch, a meditation on society’s demonisation of young women weaved into a spooky 17th-century fable. The actor gave a revelatory performance as an adolescent experiencing her sexual awakening – at times, the camera was trained so closely on her face it seemed drawn there by supernatural force. Taylor-Joy was 18 when she went to the film’s premiere in Sundance and, she jokes, she never came home. The Witch became a runaway indie hit that catapulted the careers of both actor and director. (Even “Black Phillip” the demon goat got his own Twitter, memes and fan art.) By 2017, Taylor-Joy was in Cannes, dressed in a gold floor-length gown to collect a Trophee Chopard award for young talent – previous winners include Diane Kruger and Marion Cotillard. “Anya is one of those people who just explodes off the screen,” Eggers told us. “It’s easy to spot a star and that was clear of her initial audition tape.”

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All clothes by Miu Miu A/W2020

Photographer – Phillip Meech
Stylist – Josefine Englund
Interview – Hannah Lack
Make up – Nathalie Eleni at Carol Hayes Management
Hair – Carlos Ferraz at Carol Hayes Management
Nails – Edyta Betke at Carol Hayes Management using BIO SCULPTURE
Shoot Assistant for THE FALL – Natasha Chikanga

With special thanks to Rankin Photo