26th June 2022

Alexander McQueen Bow Bag

Sian Cuthbert Davis takes a look at the new bag range from the British fashion House

Following the success of Alexander’s McQueen’s pre-Autumn Winter collaboration collection, Sarah Burton now unveils the Bow Bag.  Named for its shape, the bag features a bold silhouette that showcases the luxury fashion Houses’ renowned ability for innovation combined with uncompromising craftsmanship.

The new bag merges femininity and functionality to make sure it looks good as well as be fit for purpose.  The majority of bag owners will identify with the conflict of owning a bag that works perfectly with an outfit but has no real practical value.  Digging around for keys in the middle of the street or no space for both your iPhone and a lipstick are all too-familiar stories.  Sometimes it’s the pain in your arms and shoulders after carrying a poorly considered bag all day that’s the bigger cost than the purchase price.  Thankfully, the Bow Bag conquers all of these problems by focusing on the integral need for organised space when it comes to women’s handbags, whilst also being off-the-scale chic.

The Bow comes in a range of classic and bright, seasonal colours and in two different sizes – oversized and small.  The smaller version will be accompanied by a cross-body strap for versatility of wear, and an always handy detachable interior purse.  The architecture is constructed from smooth calf leather that is cleverly sliced and folded to create the distinctive bow silhouette at the handle.  Staying true to the brand’s long history of British tailoring, McQueen takes a recognisably creative approach with the use of unlikely fabric juxtapositions and patchworking.  Leather is paired with raffia in one style, and paired with denim in another to keep the creative centres stimulated.

As well as the use of dual fabrics, the Bow also features McQueen’s signature stitching, gold foil logo lettering and magnetic clasps that are cleverly hidden inside the bag for efficient closure.  That sense of efficiency is carried over into the campaign imagery, with McQueen keeping it simple and presenting the new range being carried ‘in motion’ and with the focus squarely on the bags to let the craftsmanship speak for itself.  Unique, easy to style and straightforward, this is the collection for the modern woman partial to turning heads but without the need to be ostentatious about it.


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