23rd May 2023

Alexander McQueen AW23 Pre-Collection Campaign

Jodi Bhachu-Smith takes a look at the new campaign from Sarah Burton and David Sims

Sarah Burton opens the doors to her universe by once again unveiling a captivating new campaign for the upcoming Alexander McQueen AW23 pre-collection.  Lensed by renowned fashion photographer David Sims, the stark images showcase the designer’s penchant for combining traditional forms with contemporary design.  From opulent eveningwear to tailored separates, every piece shot tells a story of strength, femininity, and individuality.

Through his images, Sims transports us to a brutalist concrete landscape to mirror the sharp lines of Burton’s signature tailoring style.  Biker influences play their role, from the shiny zip detailing on the structured two-piece skirt-suits, through to the full leather biker jacket and skirt ensemble with the contrasting checked sleeves.  And, like the Southbank and National Theatre locations they are shot in, each look highlights the brand’s heritage while embracing modern sensibilities.  The results are designs that simultaneously look timeless and cutting-edge.The collection also artfully fuses contrasting elements to create a bold yet harmonious tension.  Motifs like the intricate sliver and crystal embellishing exquisitely embroidered onto leather corset tops are carried through to the detailing on stunning cut-out blazers. Cherry red ruffled mini-dresses and architectural oversized trenches drape and mould to the body to enhance the silhouette and create a sense of drama and movement.  Perhaps most striking of all is the jewel-encrusted evening gown dazzling against a grey stone backdrop.To bring the story alive, the campaign features a diverse cast, including Karolina Spakowski, Sora Choi, Alaato Jazyper, Amanda Murphy, Florence Huntington-Whiteley, Florence Hutchings, Élise Crombez, Colin Jones, Rejoice Chuol, Wang Han, Wanessa Milhomem and Adhel Bol.In the end, we are left with a campaign that encapsulates the spirit of the collection; juxtaposing the ethereal beauty of the designs against the harsh backdrops of an urban jungle.  All of which underscores Sarah Burton’s ability to always find the glamour in unexpected places.


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